Studio & People

Who We Are

We are specialists with many collective years of experience. With the global experiences and backgrounds we have, we are the kind of team you can expect something different from.

We aren’t your regular designers, looking to just give you a “minimalist design” like so many others promise. If that’s what you need, sure, we can do that, but we want you to be bold, we want you to be brave. Gone are the times of being timid, conservative, and trying to “blend in” like others in your industry.


Arjun Ahluwalia

Co-Founder, Brand Strategist & Designer

Arjun is a bit of a nut, but means well. As our lead graphic designer, Arjun is always looking for new influences and experiences to inform and explode on his designs. And while he is one of the best in the business to help you design your logo and brand, he’s also an excellent strategist, and wants to get to know your brand on a personal level. He wants you to walk away with visuals and that good fuzzy “we can take on the world” confidence, he knows you need in order to make your story a success.

Arjun is also kind of a riot to be around. Especially when he gets to talk about nerdy stuff like Dungeons and Dragons, colour theory, and music.

Kenneth Vassbakk

Co-Founder, 3D- & Web-designer

Kenneth is a fascinating dude from Ålesund. We bonded over game-design, and eventually, we bonded over how we wanted to shake things up in the visual industry. Kenneth is a 3D- and web-designer, making him incredibly versatile and interesting to work with. He has worked on large scale productions and animations, small scale animations, as well as 3D motion graphics for branding purposes.

Aside from that, Kenneth is an active person with loads of hobbies. He can talk your ear off about 3d-printers and the various nozzles you can calibrate them to.

James Dean

Project Manager & Brand Strategist

James is a visionary and a creative project manager. He imagines the impossible and gets shit done! With over 7 years of management experience from different sectors and countries, he’s the most relatable member of the team. He will help awaken your creative juices and together with you and the rest of Uting, we will deliver stunning visual and meaningful projects.

“James Dean, Curator of the Awesome. A creative at heart, producer and project manager for the innovators, thought leaders and change-makers of the world. With a #getshitdone attitude”.  – The words of Dot Lung (the Mother of Social Media Dragons)